Traditional Marketing Tactics Fail to Wow Consumers

Traditional Marketing Tactics Fail to Wow Consumers

If an idea doesn’t prompt a “Heck yeah!” response from the team at Boomn, it gets an “Um, no” verdict, said Ryan O’Connell.

A data-driven and performance-based digital marketing company, KC-based Boomn works primarily with ecommerce brands. Such clients range from food and beverage companies to TV and YouTube personalities, said O’Connell, Boomn’s chief operating officer.

Founded in early 2017, Boomn operates with a tight-knit team of nine and has serviced more than 30 clients in its first year, he said.

TV and Youtube personalities are a different animal compared to more traditional markets, O’Connell said, with those clients coming pre-packaged with large fan bases and engaged customers.

“It allows us to not spend as much time on hyper-targeting and identifying audiences and allows us to be creative in how we’re monetizing and engaging with their audiences,” he said.

The marketing industry is an ever-changing landscape, O’Connell said, with companies like Boomn tasked to manage shifting platforms and conduct effective use of those platforms while acquiring customers.

“Fortunately, we’ve put together a collection of uber-talented individuals that understand how fast-paced the industry is and know how to stay ahead of the curve so that we can keep our clients ahead of the curve,” he said.

That requires Boomn grab customers via two traditional routes — outbound and inbound marketing — at once.

“Relying on just outbound marketing efforts such as paid customer acquisition or setting up a proper inbound funnel with organic content and social media isn’t comprehensive and complete enough of a strategy anymore to effectively market online,” said O’Connell.

Original article from Elyssa Bezner from Startland News.