TastyTrade Interview: Colin McGuire

TastyTrade Interview: Colin McGuire

Our co-founder & CEO, Colin McGuire, sat down with tastytrade’s Kristi Ross & Tony Battista for their hit Bootstrapping In America series to share a bit of his personal story, life goals & the evolution of Boomn.

“Doing things well is good, but doing things different is better.”

Since starting his first business during his time at Illinois State University, Colin has been involved in over ten businesses — from consulting firms to e-commerce companies.

After creating Facebook ads for his t-shirt business & discovering the importance of having a strong customer acquisition strategy, Colin started seeing e-commerce’s true potential. But he knew he couldn’t grow at the scale he wanted to alone.

At a business conference in Las Vegas, Colin met Boomn’s co-founder & COO Ryan O’Connell. A while after their initial meeting, their mutual friend Ryan Rickert reconnected the two. Between Colin’s expertise in the e-commerce space, Ryan O’Connell’s proven success in business operations & Ryan Rickert’s business relationship-building skills, they saw the perfect opportunity to start their own agency.

The first thing they needed was a name for the agency.

Since finding the owner of the domain & paying $450 for its rights, business has been Boomn.

Watch the entire interview here.