Gamefiy Giveaways and X3 Your Leads

Brands running giveaways is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. Showcase some awesome free product, get people interested in signing up, and generate leads. It is a 1 to 1 exchange: the entrant gives your brand their name, maybe an email or a phone number, and in turn, the contestant gets a single chance to win.

At Boomn, we’re always wondering how to make things bigger, better, and more efficient — and our style of running giveaways is no different from that line of thinking.

Adding in additional incentives, such as double entries post-contest sign-up, has allowed us to offer an added level of gamification to the original, boring giveaway and has helped us double and triple signups.

People are already showing a big interest in your brand when signing up for your giveaway. Why not use them to help you get the word out even more? We allow entrants to increase their odds of winning by earning extra entries in contests by completing extremely simple actions.

For example, just have them click to share on a social media platform, and the contestant will get another entry.

Has your brand been trying to get the attention of an influencer? Unleash your giveaway contestants, and have them organically “@” the influencer on social media.

Know a friend who loves your brand just as much as you? Send them a direct link to the contest and when they sign up, they’ll get five extra entries.

Simple actions like these help grow lists, and our customized backend software allows us to track contest entries automatically. The software also filters out people trying to flood your giveaway with phony actions and emails.

Overall, we love to watch email lists explode — and running gamified giveaways is one of the best tools we’ve utilized.